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Document Translation

Whether it is Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese or French, GlobalPath is positioned to translate any subject matter into any foreign language. The most common areas of document translation are:

    • Product Packaging and Copy
    • Marketing and Advertising Materials
    • Technical Manuals
    • Product Instructions
    • Legal Documents
    • Immigration documents / Legal Personal Documentation
    • Annual Reports / Financial Documents
    • International Deal, M&A and Negotiation Support
    • General Business Communications

Interpretation Services

GlobalPath can provide both onsite and teleconference translation and interpretation services for all foreign languages. Please contact GlobalPath today in order to discuss meeting format and objectives, subject matter expertise and from and to languages. GlobalPath will design a customized offer based on your needs and make sure your interpreter not only speaks the language but also understands the subject matter to be interpreted.

Website & Software

GlobalPath regularly translates both websites and software products into foreign languages. Many times referred to as software localization, the critical part of this service is ensuring the end product has 100% effective usability by the end user customer. This means translation must be culturally valid for the foreign language user base. For websites, this means your online marketing presence must shine and come across effectively and professionally in foreign languages. For software products, usability in the target language should be the primary focus.

Private Classes

As GlobalPath has a passion for languages, it has set up the ability to offer English or foreign language private classes. For anyone learning another language, we believe private instruction is the best approach, unless one can be immersed in country. For some customers, we set up English classes for executives that have relocated to the U.S and need to strengthen their business vocabulary. For other customers, executives and employees are learning languages in order to perform more effectively with their international operations and customers. Learning another’s language is a sign of respect and the effort is always well received. Please contact GlobalPath to learn more about how we can help you succeed in your communications efforts today.

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