The Process

Translation Success Model:

A language-independent process is one that ensures the same transparent methodology is applied consistently to each project. GlobalPath customers have full visibility to the process and industry leading quality control throughout the project. GlobalPath also works with a customer’s in-country resources and obtains sign-off approvals when applicable and advantageous.

At GlobalPath, we understand that many of our customers are tasked with successfully managing translation into languages they do not speak. It is paramount to have a trusted translation partner with a fully transparent process that produces consistent and accurate results. Please see our step by step process below and contact us today for additional information:

Step One:

Assessment of customer needs: This step evaluates the from and to languages, the target market, the subject matter, the project turnaround time requirements and desktop publishing and software output needs.

Step Two:

Customized Proposal: Based on the assessment, GlobalPath will prepare a customized proposal, highlighting the cost, turnaround, language or languages and subject matter expertise to be applied to the project.

Step Three:

Proposal Sign Off: Once a project is signed off on, a professional project manager from GlobalPath is assigned.

Step Four:

Translator Screening and Selection: One or more translators are assigned to the project, based on the following: 1. Professional certification by the American Translators Association (ATA); 2. The individual has the language and subject matter expertise necessary for high quality output; 3. GlobalPath has screened and certified the translator through its quality assurance testing program. GlobalPath uses a combination of in-house and contractor resources depending on the language and subject matter expertise required by each project. All translators are both ATA certified and have been screened and approved by GlobalPath.

Step Five:

Translation & Project Management: GlobalPath professionally manages each project, from single language document translations, to multiple products going into over 30 languages. GlobalPath uses proprietary software for project management and ensures only the best translators, with the right certifications, language skills and subject matter expertise, are assigned to the project team.

Step Six:

Quality Control, Editing and Review: GlobalPath assigns a Senior Editor to each project, responsible for Quality Control, review and editing of the translation. Translation is not deemed to be complete until both the GlobalPath project manager and Senior Editor have thoroughly reviewed translation output, discussed and implemented changes and approved the final project deliverable.

Step Seven:

Desktop Publishing and Electronic Output: From the start of each project, GlobalPath ensures that translation output will be professionally published in the customer’s requested application. GlobalPath has significant expertise in all leading software products and can ensure translation output is professionally formatted and camera or print ready based on each customer’s needs.

Step Eight:

Translation Deliverable and Client Sign Off: The completed translation is delivered to the customer in the specified format and a sign-off on project completion is requested. For some customers, this sign-off is routed to in-country resources, a process GlobalPath can facilitate upon request. In other cases, it allows our clients to have visibility to the process and have a documented project completion, as the translation itself is now ready for deployment.

Step Nine:

Feedback and Continuous Improvement: At GlobalPath, our number one goal is to ensure our customers are satisfied and are receiving consistent, high-quality translations. As a result, at the close of each project and on a quarterly basis, we ask our customers for feedback and for recommendations on how we may better serve their needs. We invest in each relationship to ensure our service offering is continually mapped to your needs. GlobalPath is committed to long-term customer relationships, not just one translation project.
Please contact us to learn how our language-independent process can be set up to deliver high quality translation results for your company today!