Best in Class Translation Assessment

Are translations for your company being managed in a best in class approach?

Please review the checklist below and contact GlobalPath for additional information:

  • Professionally Certified Translators complete the translation
  • Translators have significant experience and track record in the subject matter being translated
  • My provider has a transparent and best in class project management approach, to ensure success in all languages and projects
  • Translations are consistently completed on time and within my budget
  • Translations are completed in the software I choose and translated output is professional and camera or print ready
  • I am comfortable with the translation process, although I do not speak the language
  • My provider is a trusted translation partner and continually focuses on improved management of my account
  • My provider is flexible and will customize their offering to meet my specific needs
  • Recent translation quality issues were addressed soundly and resolved by my provider

If the answer is No to any of the statements above, your translation needs are not being met in a best in class fashion. These statements represent direct feedback from GlobalPath customers as to the critical components of a successful translation relationship and partnership.